John Marshall

By Samantha Hauck

This is about Court cases that have made a difference in our government today

Meaning the supreme court, judicial review, the clauses that were made.

Marbury vs. Madison

· 1803

· This case was James Madison (who was secretary of state at the time) vs. Willam Marbury. This case was about how William sued James because he didn't get commission. Then later someone aka Marbury ask the supreme court to issues a write of mandamus. This is how judicial review came around when they had to decide if the supreme court has this power or not.

· Judicial review

· This case is the most important case in the supreme court because it establish judicial review. Its also important because they has to make sure to check and balance, to make sure no branch over stepped the boundaries.

Fletcher vs. Peck

· This case was in 1810

· The state Georgia was trying to sell state land that was unconstitutional

· Interpenetration (strict) of the contrast clause

· The supreme Court struck down a state law that was unconstitutional, and this was important because this was the first time the supreme court has done this.

Martin vs. Hunter’s Lesse

· 1816 was when this case took place.

· The supreme court used it authority to declared it under Section 25 of the judiciary act of 178. This is where the where the is allow to review state court decisions dealing with federal laws.

· The principle for this case is a little more having to do with state court and ferdeal laws, and the power of the supreme court. Also this is how the court rejected the notion of duel judicial sovereignty.

· This court case helped make federal judiciary more out there and the supreme court as the overlooker of the federal law, to make sure that they are responsible and constitutional.

Cohens vs. Virginia

· 1821

·This case came around when Virginia had decided to make its own state lotteries and passed a law to prohibit the sales in and out of state tickets. This was an issues because congress passed a bill to establish a National Lottery, and the money was raise to the Columbia. It was conducted by the municipal government.

· Like Madison vs. Marbury this case helped show judicial review

· This is important because it gives right to review the states supreme court decision in criminal law matters and that have violated the constitutional right.

Dartmouth College vs. Woodward

· 1819

· This cases had to do with the Dartmouth college, they were fighting over weather it should still be a private college or go be a public college. They created laws, and these laws ending up making Dartmouth a public college.

· Contract Clause

· This case was important because it help with the rise of businesses and corporation, also The dealing with the application of the Contract clause.

McCulloch (or McCullogh) vs. Maryland

· 1819

·This was an issues between the Bank of American and how that was constitutional and Maryland tax was unconstitutional. This also helped created the necessary and proper clause.

· Necessary and proper clause

·This case is important to the supreme court because, It help[ create the Second bank of the United states, in article 1 section 8.