Who was Rosa Parks ?

By Justin meza

We're did Rosa parks live ?

Rosa park lived in Pine Level,Alabama with her brother,mother,father and her grandpa and grandma. Rosa went to a black and white school.The black side of the school had a pipe hanging out of the wall but the white side had a water fountain like the one we

have now.One day Rosa sat on a bus and if a white couldn't find a seat on the bus a black had to get up and stand.A married couple got on the bus that Rosa was on,the bus driver told her that she needed to get up and she refused to so the bus driver cold the cops.Rosa was arrested and was taken to jail.Her mother bailed her out she met a white women that was polite and showed her this school were whites respected the blacks.martin Luther king jr went to that school Rosa met him and Martin said "I'm going to stop this madness even if it kills me."That gave Rosa an idea she could tell all the blacks that ride the bus "Do not ride a bus for a week and we'll see how much the bus drivers need the the black people to ride the bus."The bus driver pleaded that the black people would come back on the bus and said he would never be rood to the ever again.Rosa's plan worked,Martin and Rosa went to Washington and Martin had his speech and now every body is equal

Why I liked this book

I liked this book because at first I did not know what she did and I hope you like this book to