Abbie Logan and Aidan Watts Block 3


Iron is a silvery white metal, and is mallebal and can be cut into thin strips. This element is very reactive and is easily combined with oxygen in moist air. Iron also rusts and it is called iron oxide, it can also produce hydrogen gas when added with hot water, and can dissolove in acid. Iron is found in the Earth's crust, and is used for making macheines and other types of everyday iteams. Common compounds are ferric chloride which is used at the dentist and ferric chromate which is a yellow pigament used for coloring. Only four naturally occuring isotopes are found and they are: iron-54, iron-56, iron-57, and iron-58.



One metal that is better then all the others is for sale! Yes thats right Iron! Now you might think this metal is like all other metals but thats not correct. Iron is the easiest metal to work with. Since it is magnetic it is very easy to move, and it also can be compacted into cubes and cut into blocks! Just be careful because iron is reactive to water and can produce rust. But dont worry because with its silvery white color no one will be able to resist it! Come amd buy some iron for your factory so your business can become the one to beat!
Steelmaking: Ironmaking