The Greenhouse Effect

By, Emryn Hogue

The issues with greenhouse gases

If you have ever heard about or read about the issues with our environment you probably have heard of the Greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is caused by greenhouse gases rising into the atmosphere and getting trapped there. The greenhouse gases include methane, nitrous oxide, water vapor, CFCs, and carbon dioxide. These gases and especially carbon dioxide which we literally walk around discharging while necessary for the environment have grown too plentiful and are causing the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect occurs because these gases trap some of the heat energy that is reflected after the earth has already absorbed some of the energy which causes the earth to rise in temperature even more. While is some ways the greenhouse effect allows the earth to be warm enough to support life it had come to a point where it had begun heating the earth more and causing global crisis for all life forms on earth. The effect is named the greenhouse because the greenhouse gases work much the same as the glass panes in a greenhouse do by increasing the warmth inside allowing survival in otherwise harsh conditions. Strides need to be made to lessen the extreme output of these gases in order to ensure that we leave our successors a world that is both livable and something that we ourselves would want to live on.
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