Habitat Specialist

Job Description

A zoo habitat specialist is someone who designs enclosures for zoo animals. Using knowledge and experience studying animals and their environments, zoo habitat specialists work with zoo officials, architects, sound and lighting professionals, and animal caretakers to create stimulating environments for zoo animals.


Salaries vary based on a number of factors including the employer type and the responsibilities of the job. Some zoo habitat specialists specialize in specific species. Salaries ranged from $35,660 to $93,450 per year, which includes the 10th through 90th percentiles. The 25th percentile earned $45,460 per year and the 75th percentile earned $72,700 per year.

Degrees needed

The minimum requirement is a bachelors degree, however it is more ideal for applicants to have a masters or doctoral degree.


  • If consulting, you may be required to move around often for different projects.
  • A basic understanding of animals and their environmental needs.
  • You must be detailed oriented.
  • you must be able to communicate clearly and effective with colleagues and partners.