Designing a Thesis

Original Examples by Mihir Chadaga

Persuasive Writing

Developing a thesis is a process that is drastically different based on the purpose of the piece written. For persuasive writing, a thesis should include a clear statement of belief and a brief explanation of why the supported view is correct. However, a thesis should not be too long. Relegate 1 sentence for your thesis and only in extreme cases use 2 sentences. For example:

  • Using coal power is the most effective way to retain control of energy while holding economic power as global economies can control the coal supply through mining and marketing efforts.
  • Better Wi-Fi is needed in the school as students, teachers, and the administration alike suffer problems completing work in class due to the unstable and poor quality of the Wi-Fi available in classrooms.

Literary Analysis

When analyzing a text written outside of the analysis itself, a thesis should include a clear statement of how the author uses a specific technique, tone, mood, or other aspect of the work to strengthen his/her purpose. These theses require a deep understanding of the text and often are not restricted to one certain technique of the text. For example:

  • Margaret Atwood uses analogies and metaphors to support the purpose of the text, to demonstrate how people who have done nothing wrong are often persecuted or segregated due to inabilities.

Argument Analysis

When analysing an argument, a thesis should gave the author's point of view as well as a statement of belief of why the author believes this. For example:

  • The author of the article believes you only live once; he believes and supports this view by providing evidence that shows living more than once contradict scientifically proven principals.