survival guide

for Florida everglades

location,climate,and geography

Florida everglades is located in the south part of north is a very beautiful tropical place.It is also a very temperate deciduous forest.You might wont to dress very light during the summer because it gets to 102 degrees.But its a whole different thing during the winter it goes to -2 sometimes.
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4 Steps for survial

you need food,water,safety/shelter,and a escape plane.First you need to find a good pond for some water. Next you need to find some food you have 2 options you can eat berries or you can find some kind of thing you can you can use for a weapon and kill some kind of wild life.Then you need to find some leaves twigs or whatever you can find to make shelter. last you need to figure out a escape plane to leave.
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Animal life

their are very dangerous aligators there they will kill you in 2 minnuts if you get to close.But they can be useful if you know how to hunt they can make a good meal.There are other animals like the spotted salamander and tree frogs but they should not be any harm.

plant life

there is the the pine cone tree it can be useful if you eat the inside of it it can also be bad because it could be posion.there is also weeds and oak tree