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Friday, March 18, 2016

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Sock Hop Dance TONIGHT!!

Come learn about the PTA elections at 5:15, and stay for the Sock Hop from 5:30-7:00 PM. Proceeds benefit Relay for Life. The dance will be in the gym and the food /other activities in the cafeteria. We are in need of additional volunteers for the dance. Please join us by giving just a small amount of your time to help in the fight against cancer. Please follow the link below to volunteer. See you tonight!


Monday, March 21

  • 9AM-A-TEAM
  • 2:30 PM-BUILT
  • 2:45-4:30 PM-Sparkles
  • 3:00-4:15-PM-English Club
Tuesday, March 22
  • Tapestry-GCPS Art Show-ISC
  • Admin. Send Grading Changes to Teachers
  • GKIDS District Pull
  • SST
  • 3:15-4:10 PM-Committee.
Wednesday, March 23
  • Tapestry-GCPS Art Show-ISC
  • CLT
  • Last Day to Change Grades
  • 2:45-5PM-Cheer Club
  • 2:45-4:30 PM-Student Council
  • 3:15-4:30 PM-After School Tutoring
Thursday, March 24
  • Tapestry-GCPS Art Show-ISC
  • CLT
  • Report Cards Printed
  • 3:00-4:30 PM-Reader's Rally
  • 3:15-4:30 PM-After School Tutoring
  • 5:30-6:30 PM-Title I Testing Wksp. (Grades 3-5)
Friday, March 25
  • Tapestry-GCPS Art Show-ISC
  • Fire Drill
  • Spirit Day
  • GRITS and GAB
  • 7-7:45 AM-Music Club
  • 7:30-7:45 AM-Special Ed. Mtg-Cafe
  • Report Cards Go Home with Cardinal Newsletter
  • PM-Chase the Buses!


Monday, March 28

  • Interim 3 Awards on Announcements
  • 9AM-A-TEAM
  • Tapestry-GCPS Art Show-ISC
  • 2:30 PM-BUILT
  • 2:45-4:30 PM-Sparkles
  • 3:00-4:15-PM-English Club
Tuesday, March 29
  • SST
  • 7-7:45 AM-Music Club
  • 3:15-4:10 PM-Committee Report Out.
Wednesday, March 30
  • CLT
  • 2:45-5PM-Cheer Club
  • 2:45-4:30 PM-Student Council
  • 3:15-4:30 PM-After School Tutoring
Thursday, March 31
  • CLT
  • Relay Hat Day for $1
  • 9:30 AM-PBIS Visitor-Jaime Espinoza
  • 3:00-4:30 PM-Reader's Rally
  • 3:15-4:30 PM-After School Tutoring
  • 5:30-6:30 PM-Arts Night!
Friday, April 1
  • Student/Staff Holiday

April Calendar Feedback

The April calendar has been updated. Please look at it now on google calendar and provide feedback by Friday, March 25th to our anonymous board or your BUILT Leader. BUILT Leaders, please provide all feedback to me-Yolanda Lanuza by Wednesday, March 30th. I will be printing calendars and getting them in boxes on Thursday, March 31st

Bethesda Focus and Clear Expectations

Tentative Grade Level Planning for SY 2017: Anything can change this plan This is based on “Student Projections”

  • Kindergarten: 8 Teachers- 4 DLI classes 25 students/3 Non-DLI classes 22 students & 1 class 17 students with minimal support
  • 1st Grade: 4 DLI classes 28 students (This number may decrease-Dinorah support)/4 Non-DLI 19 students
  • 2nd Grade: 4 DLI classes 23 students/6 classes 21 students or less (Focus cluster higher numbers)
  • 3rd Grade: 9 teachers 23 students or less (Focus cluster higher numbers)
  • 4th Grade: 9 teachers 23 students or less (Focus cluster higher numbers)
  • 5th Grade: 8 teachers 25 students or less (Focus cluster higher numbers)

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Staff Transfers:

  • Ali Hembree
  • Jazlyn Wright
  • Kelli Fitch
  • Emily Marabotto
  • Markelia McBride

Moving to Bethesda:

  • Amy Garcia: From Chesney ES to 4th Grade
  • Jasmine Martinez: From Rockbridge ES to Kindergarten

Staff Changes

  • Carmen Carrera moves to Kindergarten DLI
  • Taylor Nunez: 5th Grade
  • Lauren Gurley: 5th Grade
  • Derrica Sherrer: 4th Grade
  • Ruby Figueroa: Reading Recovery

Open Positions

  • 4th Grade
  • Science Special

We have another opportunity opening up for a Science Specials position. Our beloved Jean Leach is retiring from GCPS and moving to Colorado. If you would like to be considered for this position please email Pam, by Friday, March 25, 2016.

In order to be considered you must be able to do the following:

  • have knowledge of AND integrate Science AKS in Specials
  • have evidence of classroom management
  • the ability to maintain the BES garden
  • willing to sponsor an extra-curricular robotics club
  • encourage and foster intellectual curiosity
  • integrate technology and eCLASS
  • make sure that all experiments are aligned to the standards and applicable and relevant to real world situations.
  • be responsible for 3-5 science data, therefore you will support the grade levels with lesson planning and hands on experiments.
  • serve as a science model classroom

It’s Time to update our hallways and bulletins boards

Please take a look outside your hallway. Is it updated? Does it include the standard aligned to the work? If not, it’s time for an update. I know your students have great work to display, so please update if needed. Also, if you notice your International Festival Displays are falling down, please remove them. Thanks so much!

Instructional Round with Mr. Hunter: March 25 at 1:00

The 5th grade team will participate in our next instructional rounds. We can’t wait to hear all the great feedback for all of our amazing work.

Hello Teachers of GMAS Students,

This week several emails were sent to help us further prepare our students for GMAS. In the upcoming weeks, all teachers are asked to do the following with all students so we are ready when GMAS begins.

1. Please allow all students an opportunity to practice using the GMAS items that have been provided for us. This practice will allow students to encounter items similar to those they will see when testing begins. The icon will be placed on all computers in the mini, downstairs, and upstairs labs.

Once students click on the icon and End-of-Grade students will be given the username and password.

2. Visit the training page and show all students the sample of the answer document they will see on the paper/pencil assessment. The sample document says, "Grade 3" but is the same for all students. Please model for students how to write inside the box - this is important.

If you would like to have some reading for your "spare" time, then visit our Bethesda Training page and GMAS under Testing Resources. You can get a head start on reading your examiner's manual and check out some other materials that have been added.

Don't forget to mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 12...our GMAS training meeting date! If you have any questions or concerns, your TC is available to you.

Looking forward to a successful and stress free GMAS window :

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Bethesda's Strenghts

Many of our staff have an Achiever strength. Watch the video about people with the achiever strength. It may help you work better collaboratively when you work with the staff members below:

K. Bennett

L. Boyd

M. Tharp

D. Myers

J. Swain

Y. Overbey

T. Fields

D. Houser

J. Harris

T. Nunez

L. Klempay

Y. Rosa-Serrano

J. Wilson

P. Williams

T. Hylton

C. Hall

M. Humphrey

S. Burnside

Link to the video:


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SAVE THE DATE: Teaching and Learning Pre-Conference and Conference

Please mark your calendars for the second annual GCPS Teaching and Learning Conference! This year, the conference will take place at the ISC on Thursday, June 16 and Friday, June 17 from 8 AM - 4 PM at the J. Alvin Wilbanks Instructional Support Center. Several departments will offer pre-conference sessions on Wednesday, June 15 at various locations throughout the district. More details will come in February.

What: Teaching and Learning Pre-Conference

When: June 15, 2016
: Various locations throughout the district. More to come in February.

Teaching and Learning Conference
June 16-17, 2016 8:00am - 4:00pm
J. Alvin Wilbanks Support Center

Remember our Focus

Analyzing the Standards (Stay true to the standard)

Building Capacity (Lifelong Learner)

Conquering the Workshop Model

Stay on Pacing (Super important)

(Master this first and then continue to build capacity to add on.)

We are listening!

Please continue to share your perception of our school. Is it really anonymous? YES IT IS! Since it is anonymous, we really can’t follow up when we don’t know specific situations (who, what, when, where, etc.). If you post something and want results, please be as specific as you can, otherwise the situation will continue. Remember, you can come and talk to any of us in confidence. We are here for you and genuinely want the best work environment.

Just like relationships, positive school climate takes work…hard work…we all want the same thing, so let’s work together to get there. Share your thoughts here Click Here to Open or face to face (always best way to communicate).

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March Staff Birthdays!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

  • Linsey Cochran
Monday, March 21, 2016
  • Joyce Knick
Friday, March 25, 2016
  • Kelly Hannifin