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StopanGo: Mass Transit Navigation,

Totally Free!

StopanGo: Mass Transit Navigation,

Totally Free!

About StopanGo: Mass Transit Navigation, Schedules and Trip Planner

Totally Free! **Public Transport made simple and easy!** *Step-by-step directions* as well as *nearby departures* makes using mass transit as easy as pressing a button. Get detailed directions for trains, buses, metros, and subways with walking instructions and navigation. Use the nearby departures feature to find the closest stations to your current location. All new StopanGo LIVE updates bus schedules based on the bus’s current location.

StopanGo Features:
Plan trips from your door to your desired destination
Find the nearest departures to your current location
Live Departures (select cities) gives you schedules in Real Time:
*Washinton D.C.
*San Francisco
*New York
*Los Angeles
Get travel time information
Get schedules for buses, trains, and subways
Give Feedback and enhance the experience for everyone
Auto-Suggest makes finding locations easier than ever
Mark your favorite locations and they are saved forever

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