Preschool Academy

Bad preschoolers? We'll handle that for ya, send then to me.

Best place for preschoolers who behave bad to stop behaving bad.

We have helped over 1000 preschoolers, and about 100 each time we do this.

Starting in June 2015, 1, until August 2015, 1.

Some of the people who will help your preschooler behave

Frequently asked questions

Are they going to make it home? Yes they are unless something goes terribly wrong. Why do the people helping look so scary? So the kids will listen to them unlike their teachers. What do you feed them? we give them 3 meals a day, cereal, sandwich, and a burger.

Other Options

You can do a shorter program that will last from June 2015, 1, to July 2015, 1 also.

You can also come in and look around or tank to us if you would like to before you send your child off with us and our program.

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We are not making your child into a whole different child, we are just making them a better student in general, make it easier for them to learn in school, we are not making them smarter, we are teaching them how to behave and what to do to learn from teachers easier, but we will be using stricter, but easier ways to do so.