Bulimia is a Bully


Bulimia isn't just a diseases, it's death

3.9% of bulimic individuals will die out of the 4% that have bulimia.

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Bulimia is a disease when you eat all the food you want, but then you purge, (throwing up) after. People do this so others don't suspect that they have an eating disorder.

Symptoms of Bulimia

  • Physical Symptom-Sore throat
  • Emotional Symptoms-Anxiety/Depression
  • Social Symptom-Socially Isolated
  • Behavioral Symptom-Throwing up;Purging
  • Another (Physical) Symptom-Sores on fingers

Paula Abdul Had Bulimia, You're Not Alone!

Paula Abdul started the bad ways of bulimia at 16 years old, and was bulimic for 17 years. She felt since she was so famous she had to stay thin. She also didn't want her fans to know that she wasn't perfect. But, she realized what she was doing was wrong, and she got help and she felt much better after her month long recovery. She was brave enough to get help, and you can too!

Getting Help

YOU can be brave enough to take actions against bulimia if you have. Visit the website below and call the number, and those are the first steps! Take charge of your body, and stop letting bulimia bully you.