Ms. Mary's Class

Class 2C at the Elementary School, ASD, Doha.

Week 11: November 14th, 2014

Dear Parents,

Please continue to encourage your children to use Raz Kids at home; it is an excellent, additional resource for practicing fluency. Make sure your child knows how to log in to Raz Kids independently; ie, without your help!

Details of Grade 2 Thanksgiving celebrations coming very soon!

Best Regards,

Mary Mulqueen

Using features of Information Texts

Tables of Contents, Headings, Sub-headings, Drawings, Photos, Captions, Diagrams, Bold words, Did You Know boxes, Labels, Glossaries and Indeces all help us to connect with the information in a Non-fiction book.
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Word Attack strategies

Non-fiction books have a lot of new and sometimes difficult words: We use these strategies to help us to figure out those words. Sometimes we use more than one strategy at a time and sometimes we use all three.
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MyON - a digital online library

Grade 2 have been introduced in library lessons this week to thousands of digitally-enhanced books through our program called MyOn.

Students can log on at with their user name. This begins with 25 followed by their initial and then their family name eg Harry Potter would be 25hpotter and the password for all students is 123456.

There is a library of more than 7,000 books with multimedia supports including the means to listen to the books through headphones. With fiction and nonfiction books in a variety of formats—picture books, graphic novels, chapter books, Spanish and bilingual titles and titles for struggling and reluctant readers- there is something for everyone!

Students can also create lists of books based on their individual interests and at their level as there is an initial reading test to determine their reading level.

Why not explore this great resource with your children today?

If you would like to know more and be shown how to use MyON, then please drop by the library or email.

Catherine Gellatly

LOWER ES Librarian


Username: 25(first name initial)(surname) Password: 123456

More Maths at home.....

We will soon wrap up the unit on Measurement so we will spend some time throughout this coming week revising the following: telling time on analog and digital clocks, elapsed time, calendars, measuring length in imperial and metric units, measuring weight and area. Please continue to reinforce these skills at home in your everyday routines.

We are learning to measure length using rulers & measuring tapes with centimetres and inches.

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Check out Brainpop Junior Videos on “CALENDAR and DATES”, then take the online quiz after watching it.

Brainpop Junior

Username: asdoha password: dragons

IXL Homework for measuring Time....

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IXL Math

Please encourage your children to practice the Maths concepts we have taught in class on IXL at home; Usernames will always be the child's first name, child's last name, 63 (no spaces), like marymulqueen63, password is dragon.

Elementary Playground after school

We would like to remind you that the elementary playgrounds are closed until3:15pm. Once the playground opens at 3:15 all students must be supervised directly by a parent or an adult. Thank you for your support.

Absence from School

We kindly request that you contact the Lower Elementary Office Manager, Mrs. Krista Wilson if you know your child will be absent. Her contact information is or you may prefer to call the elementary office at 4459-1550

Important Dragon Band Announcement:

If your child uses their Dragon Band to purchase lunch at school it is important to "top up" the band at the vending machine on a regular basis. Campus Card will send reminders to parents once the card dips below 100 QR.

What's coming up at ASD Elementary....

Upper and Lower Elementary Parent and Counselor Coffee Morning

Join the Elementary Counselors on November 23rd at 8:10am in the elementary cafeteria to discuss Behavior Management: An Alternative Approach. Coffee and tea will be provided.

Author Hena Khan

Hena Khan, our visiting author will be here on Monday 17th November and we have managed to buy copies of two of her books to sell to students in advance. You will find an order form for the books at the library or attached to this week's Sahifa newsletter. Please send the correct money and order forms back to me or Ms. Eden in the classroom. If you would like a sneak preview of the books then please call by the library and Catherine Gellatly will be happy to show them to you.

Ongoing Extension at home....

  • Please wait until Wednesday to complete Math homework as we often have not completed teaching the Math points until then.
  • Practice 'Accountable talk' with your family during dinner.
  • Be a Math Hero - know all the combinations to 20 by heart! Play Close to 20 game.
  • How many different ways can you show the number that is today's date? (standard form, expanded form, word form...)