How successful were these Olympics?

By: Payton Wolf

The London Summer Olympics, 2012

The London Summer Olympics were held in 2012, and the Games were intense. The average temperature is about 75 degrees in the summer, so the Games were not to hot. But London had a hard time with getting security. London took to much security out of the army, so there was a vulnerable spot there. The hotels were not ready in London, and many people commented how they were not impressed with it. People had nowhere to go once they landed. But the city already had some of the buildings, so there was no problem. The London Olympics did excel in the buildings, and people did have a good time once they were in the the hotels. Like every Olympics, the London Games were full of problems.

The Sochi Winter Olympics, 2014

The Sochi Olympics have some ups and downs. The main problem was the temperature and the buildings. Sochi had only 7 years to build all of the stadiums and hotels, and they didn't have any to start with. The security was a big deal in the Sochi Olympics, and many people didn't think it was enough. In the hotels, people had trouble with getting a room, because the hotels weren't ready. People also had a hard time sleeping with all the noise from the construction workers. But, the Sochi Opening Ceremony was amazing, and many people loved watching the sports in the arenas. The thing that held the Sochi Olympics up was the desire to be better than the Beijing Olympics.