Maker Monday v2.22

Design Thinking, PBL, & Other Tinkering: News from the d.lab

Saber Spotlight

4th Grade: Special FX Wixards

Cindy Miller's 4th grade ELA classes have just started a project in the d.lab using the Do Ink Green Screen iPad app, which puts Hollywood special effects technology at their fingertips.

For this project, students selected settings from the historical fiction novel A Paradise Called Texas, wrote a short summary of the scene, and made small puppets to help narrate.

See Tori's awesome movie below!

4th Grade Green Screen

Maker Club: From Bits to Atoms

Middle school students imported and 3D printed a model from Thingiverse so we could clip markers on our d.lab z-racks for easy access.

Design Thinking, Engineering, & Rapid Prototyping in Science

As part of National Engineers Week, Mr. Scallon's 8th graders have been finishing their gocart prototypes in preparation for their video conference with an engineer via Nepris.

Making in the Media

Be open. Embrace imperfection. Love the process. Build community.

This piece from Wired articulates the central ideas and why they are important. Read the full version below.

"The big idea here though is that Makers represent a fearless class of creators at the intersection of art, technology and traditional DIY who are important role models for anyone with a desire to understand how to create innovative work."

Tour Updates

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to visit the makerspace!

Lego Bricks Needed

If you have any Lego bricks that you'd to get rid of (standard size, not Duplo), I'll gladly take them for use in the makerspace. Please share this with your classes!

Have a great week!