Ad Campaign Project

By: Sehr Hameed, Holly Baggatt, and Macy Mccready


Students who have extra curricular activities or a busy schedule through the out the day don't have enough time for eight hours of school with the homework given for that day. Students are at school for a crazy amount of time and barely have the time for homework along with football games, theatre, band, choir, clubs, and more. The school expects too much out of kids who don't have enough time.


Teachers: who come to school early and leave late.

Parents: who have work or important tasks through out the day and taking care of there children's "school life".

Other Students: who experience the difficulty with school work and tasks outside of school


The purpose of our ad is to hopefully get our voices out there and help change the community. As students, we are the first ones to have a say in what we want changed. Parents and teachers should also help with their opinions and have their voices heard as well. We believe that the school schedule is too time consuming and would prefer having a block schedule or less days off, and having a shorter school day overall. Speaking from a students point of view, it's very stressful to have school consume 1/3 of the day and then have to stay up late doing homework, projects, extra curricular activities, and even taking care of yourself. Students need to get out of school earlier or have a new schedule to make time for their lives OUTSIDE of school.


Ad 1: Poster By Macy

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Target Audience: Parents

Ad Placement And Reasoning

The reason I did an online poster ad is because so many of us are online these days. I can also print off the poster and put it up around buildings. This poster can be emailed and printed and given to parents, students, and teachers.

Propaganda Techniques

In this poster plain-folk is used to get the attention of the parents and other people on the community to help change our school hours and schedule. I know for a fact that the parents in the community have a big say in what we do and the school board asks for students and parents opinions. Coppell is a very small and fortunate community. The parents are kept up to date and usually know what's happening because of the technology we have, as well as posters and signs put up around town. I feel if the parents also propose the idea of a schedule change, then the school schedule might change.

Ad 2: Poster By Sehr

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Target Audience: Teachers

Ad Placement And Reasoning

The poster will be printed and spread through out schools. Handed out to the teachers or sent to them in the mail. Giving the target audience a chance to see the poster, ensuring the poster's visibility to the teachers.

Propaganda Techniques

Plain-Folk: was used so that all teachers could easily relate to each other.

Teachers Need a Longer Break. They do not deserve to be at school early.

Appeals To Pity: Then teaching children for seven to eight hours, then having to stay late to mark the children's work, to then drive home to make dinner and eat. But then by the time they have finished, it would be fairly late, so teachers would need to go straight to bed and watch TV. Teachers deserve a longer break.

Bandwagon: So many school have started block schedules, or shorter shcool hours in a day. If school hours were shorter, teachers would be able to do all of the above in seven hours! Teachers need a break.

Ad 3: Poster By Holly

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Target Audience: Other Students

Ad Placement and Reasoning

I'm going to be using paper because I feel that would be easier to hang around the school and give to students, where if I did a video I would have to share the link and not everyone may view it. I'm going to be using the bandwagon, play on emotions, and glittering generality.

Propaganda Techniques

This poster used plain-folk to help motivate students to tell teachers and parents how they feel about the school hours. Students make up a large majority of the school and even if a few of them speak up then it could make a huge difference.