Social media safety

Be yourself

How many people do you really know?

Ever go on a social media site and get a request from someone you don't know? What should you do? Should you accept it even though you don't know them? You probably should deny the friend request right away. If you don't know someone you shouldn't give them the privilege to look at your personal information. Once someone just knows your name, they can find out so much more about you. They could find out where you live, where you are, who your friends are, who your family members are, your phone number, they can find out just about anything they want. Not everyone in this world is a nice person, there are bad people out there even if you think not. They may look nice in there picture, but is it really them?
Jigsaw: for 8 -10 year olds

Careful what you send

Anything you send in a text message, snap chat, social media site, or any place it is permanently out there forever. You can't ever get it back after you post something. Once you put it out there, its out there for good. You can't ask for it back or you cant buy it back. It is all over the place if you send something to 1 person it could easily turn into hundreds or thousands. So be smart of what you post and send.


Be sure what you put on the internet is okay and safe. Internet is a privileged so don't abuse it. You could really hurt someones feelings over the internet more than you could in person. Just because you say it online and not right to them does not make it any better. Don't post stuff that you don't want other people to see because it could come back and haunt you.