By: Mark Goldblatt

About the book

Julian Twerski is the main character of the book. He's a very good kid but he made a lot of mistakes. His teacher Mr. Selkirk told him if he wrote a journal about all his screw ups, then he could skip out on writing about Shakespeare. One of his mistakes caused him and his friends to get one week of suspension, the story that Mr. Selkirk wants to hear the most. This book is about the different experiences he had in his life and the disastrous results.

Main characters of the story

Julian - The main character

Lonnie - One of Julian's friends

Eduardo - The fastest kid in the school.

Danley - The victim

Jillian - Lonnie's crush

Pictures that relate to the book

Review of the book

I thought Twerp was a amazing book. It had lots of comedy in it and also some violence. This book gave a really good message for not bullying other kids. There is a lot of positives messages in the story like doing what you know is right. For example, Julian took home a Pigeon instead of killing it because it had a broken wing. In the chapter, The Pigeons of Ponzini, Julian says, "Ill take it home." This book is a page turner and a sunshine state book. I recommend reading this book for ages 10+ and this book is 9 AR points.

Where this book can be found

The book Twerp can be found at the Nolan Middle School library, on iBooks for $6.99 and on amazon for around $7.

Link for the book on amazon: