By: Richmond Zhang

What copyright is

Copyright is a legal right, that grants the creator of an work rights to use and distribute for a limited time. Taking someones work without giving them credit is illegal. Copyright can prevent that. Copyright is a c with a circle around it. © Also you can see the copyright c on the picture on the side.

How do I earn permission to copy?

You need to somehow contact the creator, and get his permission.

What is the Fair Use Act?

The "Fair Use Act" allows you to use things with copyright, ONLY if it is or educational purposes and you credit them. There also is a limit of HOW MUCH you can copy.

What is public domain?

Public domain is free to the public. Anyone can take what you put out and it is not illegal. You are putting it out to everyone to use.

How long does copyright last?

Copyright will last 70 years AFTER the creators death

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