Welcome to America!

The land of the free!

American Traditions

Here in America we celebrate many traditions or holidays. For example there is a holiday called Independence Day. On this special day we celebrate America becoming it's own country and the birth of the Declaration of Independence. This holiday is celebrated on July 4th. Check out this link. It will tell you some other American holidays and why we celebrate them.

Tips on life in America

Speaking English

At first it might be hard to learn another language. You need to know few basic words in English to get around America. For example you need to be able to ask people where to find things. Here is a video on some basic English words that might come in handy.
Basic English Vocabulary 5- Places

What we do for fun

In America for fun we play games, have barbecues, go to the beach and even watch sports. A very fun and American thing to do is going to the movies. Going to the movies is a fun and enjoyable activity. Seeing a movie with friends is fun as well because afterwards you can talk about it with your friend and see if they enjoyed it or not and why.

American Etiquette

Here in America it is important to make sure that you are polite to one an other. For example you might not want to say ... "I think that your shirt is ugly." If you think that just keep it to yourself. What would be something that is appropriate to say is " I like your shoes." A common saying here in America is if you don't have something nice to say then don't say it. If you are unsure if something you want to say will offend anyone don't, say it. One last thing, don't make any faces that you think someone would not like or that you think would make someone feel bad.

Religion in America

In America you are allowed to practice any religion that you want. We call this religious freedom. However, you are not allowed to tell anyone that they cannot practice their religion. Everyone can practice whatever religion that they want. You don't even have to practice any religion if you don't want to.

Laws in the Untied States

All states have different laws. But, there are a couple of laws that are the same in every state. They are all on this document called the constitution. Go to the link down below to see The Constitution.

What to Wear

In New Jersey in the winter it gets cold! So you definitely don't want to walk out of the house wearing shorts. You would freeze to death! So make sure you have a warm coat on during the winter season.

Topics to start a Conversation

Here are 5 conversation starters

  • Ask if anyone has any pets
  • Ask what their favorite sports are
  • Ask what their favorite food is
  • Ask what their favorite season is and why
  • Ask what they like to do for fun

Songs Of The 1930s

In the 1930s there were many great songs. Here are 5 songs that are popular now in the 1930s!

1) In the mood by Glenn Miller

2) God Bless America by Kate Smith

3) Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland/ Glenn Miller

4) Sing, Sing, Sing, (with a swing) by Benny Goodman

5) Silent night, Holy night by Bing Crosby

What to be Aware of

If you are out in the woods there is going to be some wildlife out there for example foxes and or bears depending on where in New Jersey you live. Also there are mosquitoes and other biting insects so make sure you wear insect repellent.

Here is where you are!

You are in New Jersey, United States. New Jersey is a very fun place. There are many towns and fun places to go here. I will put an image of where you are in America down below!
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