Civano Community School

May 12, 2020

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Sentiments for 8th Graders....

If you know one of our graduating 8th graders, you are encouraged to write a note of congratulations and encouragement! You can mail these to the school or drop them of in the fancy box that is available inside the fence adjacent to the office. Please drop off your cards by Tuesday, May 19.

Our graduating 8th graders are: Laurel Burkholder, Molly Crum, Jenna Ehler, Annie Feltheim, Landon Hayes, Alex Johnson, Randy McCaulley, Joseph Montrose, Allie Uidenich, Annabelle Yeh

Volunteer Hours... retweet! :)

Wow, we are so grateful to have amazing families, parents and our supportive community of volunteers! We would not be able to provide enriching events and activities to our students with out all of your support.

Each year, schools across the District are asked to report on the volunteer hours worked in our schools. I thought this form would help you all submit hours you might not have logged in the sign in book at school. I appreciate your time in completing this short form with your estimated volunteer hours. Please remember class parties, Taco night, CPA, Site Council, room parent planning, Harvest Hop, craft day, book fair, Make a Difference Day, garden work, and any other unlogged hours. If you have any questions please reach out to Nicole -- THANK YOU!

"Homeschool" Parent Narratives....

Well, that was a whopper of a 4th quarter! Thank you for jumping in with both feet and figuring out how to do Zoom, Google Docs, Schoology, distance learning and 10,000 other things that resulted in us staying connected through these crazy weeks!

Since you’ve been the ones working directly with your children during this time, we thought it would be interesting to include your observation in the 4th quarter narratives. We certainly do not want to add to your workload, but if you are so inclined, we invite you to send us a brief paragraph. Here are a few possible ideas for things to write about.

  • What have you been doing as a family?

  • What type of activities has your child chosen to do on his/her own?

  • What have you noticed about his/her independent work habits?

  • What surprised you about your child during this time?

  • What are you most proud of about your child during this time?

  • What was your child’s take on the process?

  • What are the good things about quarantine?

  • What did your child miss about school?

  • What is your fondest memory about your unexpected time together?

You still have time to email your responses to your child's teacher. If you have something to add, please submit your comments by Thursday, May 14.

We are truly grateful to be part of your lives and we cannot wait to see you again in person!

With love and appreciation,

The Civano Staff

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