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New Garden! New People! New City!

In Cleveland, Ohio a new garden has been created. A old vacant lot was cleaned, it has been transformed into this amazing garden.

The garden wasn't the only thing that changed. When people all over the city heard about the new garden they went on over and checked it out. Then people from the city started planting, and it changed the so many people. It is amazing how a garden can change the whole city. This garden brings so many people together, to different cultures, religions, race, and personalities. People who have been afraid, shy, lonely, and mad have changed.

The garden also does all sort of fun activities. One time they had a watering contest, and getting started is easier now with a shop right next to the garden. You can get all your stater tools, and you have to do nothing to get into the garden just claim a piece of land then PLANT! You will meet all sort of people and new friends.

We hope Cleveland will keep bringing it up, and we hope you will visit Cleveland one day. Then you can plant something of your own, and meet new people.

A Loving Heart Warming Story

Locomotion is one of the most heart warming stories. Locomotion is about a young boy named Lonnie who's parents died from a fire, and his sister is being taken up for adoption.

One reason why you would read this book is because you people can relate to the story. in the story Lonnie loses his parents in the fire, and everyone knows how it feels to lose someone. That house was what Lonnie called home. It was his life, because everything he had was in that house. Many people have those experiences in their life.

Most of time what you don't realize is the that you don't know you have something in till its gone. Lonnie in Locomotion realized that because he didn't have his parents any more e didn't have a sister, and he didn't have a home. When he lost everything he realized that's all he had. When you read you always feel connected to the book.

This book is really sad and heart touching. in the story no body wants to adopt Lonnie, and whats hard for Lonnie is finding a place called home. He also afraid that he will never be loved again. What makes this book so good is how the amazing author explained his feelings into the book. The author shows how Lonnie feelings in the story, and shows how many things he is afraid of.

Locomotion is a loving wonderful story about a boy and finding love and a home. This book is amazing for the way of writing, and the type of writing is poems. Everyone should read this book for all the reasons i list and so many more. I hope you will tell your self I am going to read this book after you read this review.

Once In A Life Time Event

Come on over to a once in a life time event... THE ECLIPSE!!!!! People from all around the world come to see the experience of a life time. When the sun and the moon over lap. Hosted by Ally and she will be telling you guys all sort of facts. So we hope to see you at the MoonShadow Campground in July!