CAB NOTES Spring '16 programming

Mark your calendars

Meeting update from 1/13/16


Lexi, Melissa, Sarah M, Becca, Leah, Gabi, Madi Harris (welcome), Olivia, Alexis and A'ndrea

  1. We reviewed the calendar of events. Below are the dates and events by category of Movies, Community Service and Social!
  2. We added Serving Cake on Leap year day to Celebrating Birthdays.
  3. Healthy Buckeyes is doing a Health Fair on 3/8/16 - they would love our assistance.
  4. History Club or April Nester is doing a voter reg sign up They need help! We will be assisting with that - our civic duty!
  5. Blood Drive needs donors and volunteers. We need students to promote the donors and we need volunteers to work the drive - Get your friends to help... Click this link to go to our invitation page on VolunteerSpot:
  6. We need someone to create a brochure for Geo Washing Carver - Becca? I have a copy in my file it needs tweaked.
  7. We need shoppers for PB Bash and prepper for PB Bash plus folks to help restock
  8. Easter Egg hunt? Who was chairing that event? Plus Omelet day?
  9. Murder Mystery date TBD
  10. Spring Fest TBD
  11. We are making Tuesdays and Thursdays --any time of the day - but specifically 2:30 (because many said it was open) This will be a time: to meet with others, plan for upcoming events and "Quad Squad" the next or current event.
  12. Chairing an event -- We need a chair /contact person for each event. This allows you to complete a leadership role within CAB. (I also can write a better letter of recommendation for you. If you are not going to be here next year - it would be great if our "keepers" (the students that say on the Lima campus would co- chair the event.)
  13. Student rep applications were passed out to students at OSU that will be here another year. Please please please consider applying!
  14. Did I miss anything?

Next week is the movie - but I am getting milk for the Cereal in the office. Stop by to help with the popcorn and meet with other CABBIES to plan your events.

Wear your shirts on Wednesday!

Campus Activities Board Calendar of Events -- Mark your calendars

Here is a quick rundown of event Spring Semester 2016

Movies! (chairs Lexi & Alexis)

  • January 20: SELMA
  • February 3: THE INTERN In collaboration with the Business Club and Career Services.
  • February 11: ANT-MAN
  • February 29: LEAP YEAR *plus serving birthday cake
  • March 8: SUFFRAGETTE
  • April 14: SISTERS

Community Service! Chair?_________

Blood Drives

  • January 27
  • January 28
  • April 12
  • April 13


Peanut Butter Bash: February 2 Chair?_________

Leap Year party: - February 29 plus a movie* Leap year Cake Chair? ________

1/2 Way There Celebration! March 1 Chair?__________

Make your own Omelets and the Annual Easter Egg Hunt: March 25 Chair? _______

Murder Mystery: Date TBD (Becca Chair)

Student Organization Appreciation Day: April 8, 12-2 CAB is a Student Org. (A'ndrea Chair and ______)

Spring Fest: TBD Tie Dye, Bulling riding and talent Show (Olivia and ________)


Emerging Leaders Program: (four sessions) February 5, 19 & March 4, 11

Galvin Hall 135 from 10:00 - 12:00

Student Organization Officer Transition Week: April 18-22 (may change if Spring Fest is this week.

Etiquette Dining - TBD

*All dates and events are subject to change.