Updates and Upcoming

Instructional Specialist Times Volume 1 Issue 2


Hello Everyone,

Thanks for such outstanding presentations and participation at the GIT meeting! Here's "one-stop" shopping for those to-do items I referred to today.

My Schedule: With the Continuation Grant application due at the end of the month you may need to track me down to discuss items for your campus. Cell and text (716-913-8143) will be best most days (however, my cell phone doesn't work in my office at the Literacy Center so use my extension 1130).

Week of 1/20/15 - I will be AIMSweb testing at THJ during the day and meeting with campuses after school to discuss grant requests for next year. Wednesday after school I have Vocab. Booster 1 at THJ. Thursday afternoon I will be taking a group of teachers to see Core I small group instruction modeled in middle school classrooms.

Week of 1/26/15 - Continuation Grant Application due to TEA. I will be at THJ in the mornings and at my extension in my office in the afternoons.

Assessment Audits and Presentations

Please upload your campus Assessment Audit into the folder in the shared MOY GIT folder by 1/23/15. The ppt and handouts from today are also located there for you to reference as you review and revise what you had completed last semester. Give a call or send an email if you have any questions.

Also - please upload your presentations and handouts from your sessions at the GIT meeting today. You can create a folder to put everything in the MOY GIT folder.

TSLP Course

1. Email Natalie the day and time for your Spring Semester CBLT team meeting.

2. Course Schedule: Reporting and Sustainability: Spring 2015 Dates

February 9th - 22nd - R1

February 23rd - March 8th - R2

March 9th - March 29th - R3

March 30th - April 5th - S1

April 6th - April 12th - S2

3. Call or email Kathy/David for feedback on assignment submissions.

See Leadership Module Week 2 Part 2 for introductory information about completing assignments.

4. Prepare to update your official campus Implementation Map

See Leadership Module Week 1 Part 2 for introductory information about creating implementation maps.

Official Implementation Map Logins: https://tslpresource.org/user


Password: taylor


Password: taylor


Password: mainstreetintermediate


Password: naomi


Password: thjohnson

Summer TLI Institute 2015 Save the Date!

June 29th - July 1st in Houston, Texas


New Coaching Cycle Documentation:

We need to update our coaching cycle documentation and calibrate how we fill in our coaching sessions with teachers for the Vocabulary and CPQ PD follow up.

Group Meeting:
I looked at everyone's schedule and 2/2/15 and 2/3/15 are fairly open. Please let me know if you have conflicts those days and then I will send out some possible times. If we can't get together either of those days we can collaborate in a shared google sheet. If we can get together we will also use some of our time for CBLT team Q&A.