Le Jardin Academy

Kailua, Hawaii

Location and general demographics

This school is located in Kailua, Hawaii. Students from Pre-K through grade 12. This school has about 809 students on campus and is a private school.

Le Jardin Academy's Mission

" Le Jardin is a nurturing and vigorous learning community.

Our college preparatory program strives to create curious, active learners who excel scholastically and have the opportunity to develop their personal skills and talents.

Students are supported in learning to lead balanced, healthy lives, to appreciate the arts, and to value the diverse perspectives of other people and cultures.

Our goal is to develop knowledgeable, responsible and caring young people of character who help create a more peaceful and sustainable world through understanding, stewardship and respect. "

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21st Century Skills Supported by the Academy

  • state of the art computer laboratories
  • computer network infrastructure
  • two libraries
  • music and foreign language rooms

How Learning Experiences Reflect Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Because this school has such divorced demographics, teachers develop strong cultural identity to teach their students values, knowledge for school success and participation in our society.

How School promotes creativity in the classroom

Each classroom strives to acquire students who are critical thinkers, who can lead, make decisions, develop strategies, and solve problems. Both teachers and students become open-minded communicators and respectful of the feelings and ideas of others.