English II Honors

January 5-8

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school my amazing students! I hope you had a wonderful break.

Please note:

  • This week we have our District Quarterly Assessment. We will review our focus standards on 1/5 and 1/6. The test will be administered on 1/7.
  • Ms. Baer will be out all of next week - we will treat our class as a virtual classroom. We will go over how to interact with Ms. Baer and how to complete the assignment on Friday.
  • We have no school next Friday (1/15) or the following Monday (1/18). Enjoy your four-day weekend :)

Weekly Learning Goal

Show proficiency in:

  • determining word meaning and word choice (connotation v. denotation) and why author's choose specific words
  • analyzing the structure of a text (i.e. pacing, plot, suspense)
  • understand an author's point of view or purpose in writing a text and how they advance it
  • analyze how claims or points are developed throughout a piece of writing

Tuesday, January 5

Do Now: New Years Goals

Review the focus standards and how we accomplished them in Quarter 2.

Read "The Briefcase" on page 361 of the HMH textbook. Complete the discussion questions as we go. We will review as a large group.

Wednesday, January 6

Do Now: Grammar

Complete the discussion questions from yesterday's class.

Jigsaw: With your partner, complete your assigned questions on page 371. You MUST have textual evidence to support your answer. You must submit your answers in a complete sentence with the question number on the discussion board.

Thursday, January 7


Friday, January 8

Do Now: Grammar Quiz

Review how to use my.hrw.com

Review writing workshop mid-point check. Post your strengths and weaknesses on the discussion board. You must have at least one for each.