Thursday Brief

April 4, 2019


All general education classrooms will be receiving their Chrome Books very soon!!!!! Yay!

May Calendar

Day May

1 3rd to 4th Grade SPED Transition Meeting

1 PBIS Meeting after school

2 3rd Grade Sneak Peek

3 TENTATIVE Lemonade Day Entrepreneur School

6 Teacher Appreciation Week

6 Nurse Appreciation Day

6 Teacher Requests

7 Nurse Appreciation Day

7 Paraprofessional Appreciation Day

7 Teacher Appreciation Week & Teacher Requests

8 Teacher Appreciation Week & Teacher Requests

9 Teacher Appreciation Week & Teacher Requests

10 Teacher Appreciation Week & Teacher Requests

13 STAAR MATH (3rd & 4th)

14 STAAR READING (3rd & 4th)

16 4th Seashore Field Trip Cooper, Ames, Jackson, McAliley

16 Jazzy Bees Finale

17 4th Seashore Field Trip Fordyce, Lopez, Tweddle, Almaraz

20 4th Seashore Field Trip Alvarado, Flores, Ainsworth, Rowe

20 2nd to 3rd grade Special Education Transition Meeting

21 4th Seashore Field Trip Messina, Ready, Falany, Atkinson

21 4th to 5th SPED Transition Meeting

22 4th Awards Ceremony

23 3rd Awards Ceremony

23 4th Seashore Field Trip Clark, Robinson, Steward, Kaspar

24 Good Choice Parker Pool10-11:30 Pod 1/Dyckman Banister 12-1:30 Pod 2/Wyrick McPartlin

27 Memorial Day-No School

28 Good Choice Parker Pool10-11:30 Pod 3 Elliott/Bentz12-1:30 Pod 8 McClendon Jones

29 Good Choice Parker Pool10-11:30 Pod 7 Flores Alvarado12-1:30 Pod 12 Ainsworth Rowe

30 Good Choice Parker Pool10-11:30 Pod 9

30 Last Day of School & Report Cards

30 School Board Meeting

31 Teachers' Last Day


We will have a very brief meeting Thursday after school. No need to cancel anything, just stop by the Commons Area at 3:15!


I need to print the spreadsheets Monday. Please complete your new rotations. Also, any students doing online testing need to go to Mrs. Hoover's TLC for practice.

No TLC Tuesday. Wednesday to TBD....


Very soon I will be working on the master schedule. It will look very different next year, but times (start and finish) will remain the same. The following are requirements for our master schedule next year.

30 minutes of PE every day

30 minutes of during school RTI tutorials at least 3 days a week, but preferably 5

45 minutes of reading lab instruction for all students with dyslexia

"enough time" to cover all TEKS in Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies.

You can email any feedback you may have (thank you 4th grade S/SS) or please attend meeting on Thursday, April 25th to share.

Thanks for your input!!!


K-8 & Adaptive Keyboarding Contest! As a reminder, the contest will run from March 18 to May 21 and top participating students and teachers will have a chance to win fun prizes!

· Grades 3-5: The student with the highest “Adaptive Keyboarding: The Great Keyboarding Adventure” practice time and their teacher will win $25 gift cards each

Click here to watch a brief Adaptive Keyboarding video and be sure to check out these helpful Adaptive Keyboarding FAQs. Need more help? Live Chat with us!


Toy Theater | Educational Games for Kids

Make learning a blast! Toy Theater is an online game website for kids, chock full of interactive art games, fun reading games, and cool math games. Designed with the needs of kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade classrooms in mind, these free online educational games for kids are trusted by teachers around the world to provide real educational value for their classrooms.

Below is the link to their Virtual Math Manipulatives

Building Vocabulary Resources

Great resources from Mrs. Dennis

This month I covered Building Vocabulary with the new teachers. Here is the Google File:

Summer School

If you want to teach summer school the applications are available now. Summer school will be June 4-26. ESY (SPED summer school) will be June 11-July 11.

Students of Character

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Students of Character. This is one of my favorite recognitions of our students. Please congratulate these awesome individuals if you see them. Also, don't forget our breakfast!!!! Put it on your calendar if you have a nominee.


Student: Benjamin Iracheta

Teacher: Mrs. Debler

Student Travis Norris

Teacher: Mrs. Jones

Student: Lauren Aguilar

Teacher: Mrs. Wilson

Student: Lilly Barker

Teacher: Mrs. Beckwith

Student: Zoe Hernandez

Teacher: Ms. McClendon

Student: Kaylee Espinosa

Teacher: Mrs. Featherby

Student: Manuel Garza

Teacher: Mrs. Hurst

Student: Logan Lynch

Teachers: Mrs. Dyckman & Ms. Banister

Student: Madalyn Smith

Teacher: Mrs. Sykes

Student: Jenna Alaniz

Teacher: Melanie Provence

Student: Jessica Volesky

Teacher: Mrs. Elliott

Student: Reagan Pape

Teacher: Mrs. Barnec

Student: Audryna Guerra

Teacher: Mrs. Bentz

Student: Abbey McKinzey

Teacher: Dawn White


Student: Jocelyn Chuey

Teacher: Mrs. Atkinson

Student of character: Camilla Alvarado

Teacher: Mrs. Falany

Student of Character: Aaron Martinez

Teacher: Mrs. Alvarado

Student: Genavieve Aguilar

Teacher: Mrs. Tweddle

Student: Amaya Jones

Teacher Mr. Jackson

Student Angel Montes

Teacher: Jennifer Hanna

Student: Bethany Welp

Teacher: Mrs. Clark

Student: Lyla Gomez

Teacher: Mrs. Robinson

Student Giana Militello

Teacher Mrs. Kaspar

Student: Kaedyn Owens

Teacher: Mrs. Steward

Student: Emanuel Hermenegildo

Teacher: Mrs. Ainsworth

Student: Alexzandra Cox

Teacher: Mrs. Messina

Student: Riley Koeckritz

Teacher: Ms. Ready

Student: Diego Ortiz

Teacher: Mr. Almaraz

Student: Caroline Sharp

Teacher: Mrs. Flores


ALL ELAR TEACHERS-Please email Dr. Youngberg if you can attend one of these trainings. They are at the ESC. We will not have in depth training in August so i highly recommend this training if you can attend.

3rd Grade

June 11th

June 18th

July 10th

4th Grade

June 12th

June 19th

July 11th


April 11th is a social media frenzy day started a few years ago. On this day we (educators/students) bombard social media with all the awesome reasons we love our school! If you're on twitter you can tweet out and i'll retweet, and if you're not you will send me a pic for that hashtag and I will send it out. It really should be from the STUDENTS POINT OF VIEW so try and get a tweet/pic that reflects why they love FBE.

From Mrs. Cristan

Have Rooms Ready for Check!!!! 4th Grade

From Mrs. Hoover

Make sure you read email carefully!!!!!

From Mrs. Villarreal

Please read any emails regarding GT testing carefully.

GT Testing Dates

Here is the new schedule for April

4/5 and 4/8

3rd Grade GT Class Provence and Barnec (students needing all subjects) Total= 20 students


3rd and 4th grade GT Classes: Barnec, Provence, and Rowe (students needing partial testing to pick up subjects) Total=16 students

4/12 and 4/15

4th Grade GT classes: Alvarado and Flores-Students needing All and partial subjects Total= 19 Students


4th Grade Gen. Ed students needing all subjects: McAliley, Robinson, Messina, Falany, Lopez, Steward, Clark, Atkinson, Almaraz, Tweddle, Ready

Total= 19 students

***Reserving 4/22, 4/23/, and 4/30 for any students that were absent or students I forgot.

April Birthdays!

Apr 13 Norma Stephens

Apr 17 Sheri Tweddle

Apr 26 Melanie Provence

Apr 22 Lorie LaCour

Apr 26 Carly McAliley

Apr 27 Crystal Elliott

Apr 30 Sariah Kramer


5 "Squeeze out Cancer" bring your favorite stuffed animal to keep you company for the day (please leave the gigantic ones at home so that we have space for your friend at school)

8 School Librarian Day


11 Love My School Day

11 Staff Meeting After School

11 Relay for Life Luncheon

12 Relay for Life

12 Spring Pictures