Bella's trip to Chiang Mai

Bella Null

1st Class Plane Ticket

My plane ticket to Chiang Mai, Thailand costs 1,400 dollars. But, I want to save up at least 14,800 for my trip. How much extra money should I have?
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Huarn Jana Boutique Resort Room

I'm staying at this resort for 8 nights. Each night will cost at least $75. How much money should I save to book my room?
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Temple Tours and Rock Climbing

I'm going on an excursion. I spent $148 on rock climbing and visiting a temple. The temple tour cost $57. How much was rock climbing?
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Going out for Thai Food!

My friend and I went out to a local restaurant for Thai food. We spent a bit too much on souvenirs so we're running low on money. We don't want to spend more than $40 on our dinner. My friend orders something for $14. I need to get something equal to or less than the amount of money we have left. How much money do I have to spend?
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Elephant Ride

I'm going on another excursion. Today I'm going to ride an elephant. I have $234 left with me. After paying for the elephant ride, I have $197. How much was the ride?
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