Summer of Science

Boating Trip

Earth Science

My pictures represent Earth Science. The first picture is of the skyline of Chicago, or as they call it, "The Windy City" and wind is part of Earth Science. The second picture is of me jumping into the water from my cousins boat. Lastly, the third picture is of my mom and I sunbathing. Wind, water and sun are a part of Earth science.

Most interesting part of my visit

The most interesting part of my visit was jumping off the boat into the water. It doesn't look that high, but we jumped off the second floor of the boat and it was high! It is physical science because the motion of jumping and falling are physical types of science.

Three Things about Myself

I'm the youngest of four kids in my family. I am very hard-working and a little bit of a perfectionist. I'm very athletic and love to play sports!