My book Report

by gavin mathieu


The setting of Artimes Fowl is Fowl manor in Europe.

Main Character

The main characters of Artemis fowl are: Artemis fowl, And his Bodyguard Domovoi.
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Artemis finds a fairy dairy from a old lady on the street . Soon Fairies attack fowl manor (mistreats he and Artemis imprisons holly one of the fairy and he says "i will let holly o if you give me almost a to of of gold he lets holly go and he fairys shot a missile at the house but domovi saves them and takes them to a secret location everyone is safe.

Theme, Character discriptions, and more characters

Description of Artemis: Artemis is a 13 year old kid genius who's father owns a multi-millionaire family business.

Domovi: as Artemis bodyguard he knows 23 languages all seven martial arts, and always alert


Holly: a police officer who works for the LEP

Mulch digglems: a Dwarf who as special digging powers and can dig for a long time. Big appetite and joker

Folly: leader of the LEP head boss, and computer genuis

MORE Artimis information

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