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Today's Students...Tomorrow's Workforce

The Employment Landscape Over the Next Decade

Many job opportunities for our students are expecting to increase substantially over the course of the next ten years. It is expected that as our Baby Boomer population ages and many chronic conditions increase, the need for job specific workers will rise. In addition, with employee shifts and the range of options for upskilling is very promising for the future of Our Career Center students.

On the contrary Structural changes in the economy will cause some jobs to decline quite quickly. As our "Article of the Week" suggests, automation is likely the biggest culprit. For example, software that automatically converts audio to text will reduce the need. Our responsibility in career and technical education needs to continue on the path of providing our students the best possible education with regards to trades and industry to ensure their success in the future. This emphasis needs to be placed on work based learning opportunities and certifications.

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TED Talk Highlight Your Ability, Not Your Experience!

The following TED Talk shares some new thinking on how job seekers can make themselves more attractive — and why employers should look for ability over credentials. Many of our students can relate in that they are very skilled relative to their area.

Our Instructors at Our Career Center are Heroes Every Single Day!

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Auto-Technology I/II Students Diving Into Industry Responsibilities

The lessons in Auto-technology are designed to make curriculum appropriately challenging across ability levels for all students. From "Piston Construction" and the affects on engine operation to tire rotation and balancing, the delivery matches the design.
Principal's Discount Auto Service at Our Career Center!

Thank you @DanaBoyd0922 for giving our #AutomotiveTechnology students @OurCareerCenter the opportunity to service your beautiful @Lexus! Alan, Jesus, Luis, and Jackie did an awesome job!

Design and Implementation at Our Career Center

Bond Project 1907 at The Career Center is commencing the design phase of our new building remodel. This will be done in phases and the sequencing will begin with buildings C and D. The visuals below are courtesy of Ms. Helen Lowenberg and her team.

ECHS and P-Tech Principals Meeting with EPCC

ECHS and P-TECH Principals’ met Tuesday, September 21, 2021, at 8:30 a.m. to have a safe space to collaborate and network. Dean Badillo provided information regarding COVID-19 and supported the forum with any curriculum concerns in each program.

Automotive Technology AM Class Activities

The #AutomotiveTechnology morning class @OurCareerCenter was using calipers and micrometers to find precise measurements of crankshafts, pistons, and axles.

New Partner in Education: Architecture and Engineering

We have a new partner in industry! Mr. Gerry Gutierrez is the architect owner of GA Architecture. Gerry is the design architect for several new YISD elementary schools including Riverside Elementary! He is going to hire 2 of our students!!

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Career Centered Conversations: Join Us Every Tuesday!

Below you will find some examples of our "Career Centered Conversations." This is a question posted every Tuesday evening relative to our "Article of the Week". Our instructors engage by replying below the posted tweet. Join Us on Twitter, Tuesdays!

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Lighting Project in Our Football Locker Room at RHS

Our Electrical and Solar students were charged with an onsite assignment, adding florescent lighting to our football locker room. Check out the picture below of the "In Progress" work to the "End Result." There are great experiences everywhere!

CTE Monday Morning Support at Our Career Center

Monday morning Our Career Center was reserved for meeting with our phenomenal CTE Department. The discussion was rich and geared towards academics, upcoming facility relocation and upcoming ctat trainings to include CTE counselors and administration

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Mrs. Virginia Fresquez, Cosmetology

Mrs. Fresquez has a true passion, cosmetology. Mrs. Fresquez started her journey in 1988 when she obtained her cosmetology license. She worked in a salon for 25 years, during this time her assistant had suggested she become a teacher, this had never crossed her mind to be an option. This slowly built the fire inside her for teaching. In 2006 she decided to go back to beauty school to obtain her Cosmetology Instructors License, in 2007 she started as a substitute teacher at Clint Independent School District working in the cosmetology program. Mrs. Fresquez did this while also working full-time as a hairstylist and nail technician. In June 2008 she attended the University of Texas in El Paso to complete her teaching certificate. She found this to be extremely challenging but in the end it was incredibly rewarding. No matter the challenge she overcame and class by class she was able to get her certification. Finally, in April 2010 she started full-time at Riverside High School. After 11 years of teaching she has found that the most rewarding part of her job is the difference she is able to make in her students' lives. She loves to share her passion with her students and prepare them for their future careers. She has loved watching her students grow as cosmetologists and as professional people. Watching their journey as they master new skills and formulate their careers is one of the greatest rewards that has ever been given. Mrs. Fresquez has been working in the beauty industry for over 33 years and has found that being a cosmetology instructor is her proudest accomplishment.