Religion Project


About Judaism

The followers of Judaism are Jews. Followers of Judaism central beliefs are praying and the God of Abraham. The hebrew bible and Talmud is central to Jewish life. Praying is one of the many practices of this religion. Eating kosher foods in this religion is also a practice. The place of worship is a synagogue. The worship leader is a Rabbi in this religion. The holy book in Judaism is a TeNaKh. I think the TeNaKh is a hebrew bible one of the holy days or holidays in Judaism are Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana. Yom Kippur is when you did something wrong and you try to fix it, one of the most important things in this holiday is being nice to others. You also fast in Yom Kippur. To fast means to not eat. Rosh Hashana means the beginning of the year. Hanukkah is another holiday. The holy city is Jerusalem. The common figure in this religion is the God of Abraham. I don't think Judaism thinks of God as the three beings or the trinity, i'm not sure.

Project By:

Mathew and Homero

Period 5