The Soapbox Edition: Let's get personal!

Why the Soapbox?

It's MAY! Can you believe it? As we begin to draw this year to a close, most of us will begin to reflect on what worked and what did not. Did I do at least one thing to change my students' lives forever? Did I know something about them, that no one else knew? Did I do what was expected of me or did I do more? As an INSTRUCTIONAL Coach, I do this daily. There are many times that this reflection piece leaves us wanting to do more or less. I want to do more! A teacher asked me the other day about getting out of the classroom. I told them, you have the most power here! You are touching kids daily! You have the power to give the world more than what they have now. You have the power to empower, love, mother to the motherless, and father to the fatherless. You are it! For some from school life to home life, "WE ARE THE BEST THAT THEY HAVE!" Once you leave the classroom, everyone forgets or just doesn't know how great you were as a teacher.
With May being so impactful, we begin this month with appreciating you! You are worth it! Just as your students are! With the reflections, that you have, leave behind the challenges and see what the students see. See why they appreciate you. Then do more! Why just stop there. Life is what we make it!


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As it relates to PACE (Personalized Achievement, Curriculum Environments) we are finally seeing more teachers in Blended Learning. Blended learning IS NOT Personalized Learning. Blended Learning is more of a 1:1 initiative. It is a great start to getting to PL but we still have some work to do. GCS has decided to use Canvas to help with blending learning. Whether you have used Blackboard, Moodle, Edmodo, or Amplify you have been blending learning for you students. As we move forward with new devices, you will hear me discuss more and more the difference and make sure that we are clear on where we are and where we are going.


Personalized learning can happen with or without the technology. So just remember as we begin tablet collection, do not get bogged down think what will you do without the technology, THAT IS THE EXCITING PART! WHAT WILL YOU DO WITHOUT THE TECHNOLOGY? Be creative, do the things your students have been waiting on! I had a discuss with a teacher that complained about students not bringing their devices to class charged, I asked what were the other options for instruction? They said "WHAT?" I told them that the technology was never meant to be the sole location for instruction, it's just an option. When someone walks in your class they should see, small groups, the teacher in a group or helping students one-on-one, with maybe a few students using their devices for research or to type of a project. We should also see projects being built, created, and generated. Remember when you were in Jr. High, what did you do? I know when I was there we had Wood Shop, we had Home Economics, we had Career Explorations, etc. I know we do exist like they used to but how can we give them those things in the contents that we teach. GET PUMPED! Let's end this year getting personal with our students. Let's end this year learning and knowing something about our students that no one else knows. Let's put a ring on it, let's get engaged!!!!!
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Is each day different for you and your students?

Kid President + Peanuts // Life is like a comic.


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Student Survey

Personalized Learning and Digital Learning Survey for Students

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Additional Supporting Resources

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This course includes surveys and documents that may help with collection. You can also import it from Canvas Commons. The title is Amplify Tablet Collection.

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May Twitter Challenge!

If you have some really cool PLish (Personalized Learning Stuff -ish) happening in your classroom before and after collection (in my James Brown voice) PLEASE, PLEASE share on twitter! @me @cheerPLEF #thisisple #ontheroadtople