by: Tiana Battle

How does Geothermal energy sources work?

A Geothermal power plant uses steam or hot water from underground, The heat is used to make the energy generator work.

How expensive is Geothermal energy?

Power is sold at $0.03 to $0.35 kWh Although power plants would sell it for $0.05 Per kWh

positive environment impact from Geothermal energy

More jobs- More geothermal energy is being used witch will open many jobs for people.

Daily life- baths,Cooking and heating buildings.

Small chemical usage- not a lot of harsh chemicals are released into the air

negative environment impact from Geothermal energy

transportation- Geothermal energy cannot be transported easily.

Gases- Harmful gases could be released deep into earth by drilled holes by construction workers.

Steam- if temperature is to cold for a long period of time it could lose steam and many will go with out heat and jot water.

is Geothermal energy used in Maryland?

Yes, The pumps offers Heat and cooling water and air.

Can geothermal energy be used easily in Maryland?

Yes, because Maryland has a Constant 57 degrees below a depth of 10 feet (Ground source of geothermal energy) . The temperature keeps the energy "environmentally clean"

what pollutants are produced from Geothermal energy?

sulfur Dioxide, gaseous and Nitrogen oxides