With great power...

...comes great responsibilities. By Andrew Yang

Learn to control. Dive for knowledge.

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If you were sent this flyer, it means that your children has magic abilities and was chosen to come to the Magisterium. You will need your children to learn, and the Magisterium is for just that purpose. Without control, your children could kill millions. With it, they could become a master. Each element has it's own desire. Fire, to burn. Water, to flow. Air, to rise. Earth, to bind and Chaos to devour. Your children will correspond to one, and they will dive for deeper knowledge. The Magisterium will guide them. You may choose to come or not.

"Fire wants to burn. Water wants to flow. Air wants to rise. Earth wants to bind. Chaos wants to devour."

Magisterium: The Iron Trial by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare (Fantasy)