Kindergarten News

Jan 14-18

We've been working hard on all of our beginning reading skills. We are very excited to bring home our first "take-home" book today. Students will read you the book and should return the book the next school day. Students have been instructed to take good care of these books and to return each day as another book will not be sent home until the prior book has been returned. One parent needs to sign that the student has read the book on the enclosed form. Please keep the signature form in the baggie with the book each time. There is also a brochure enclosed "Pause, Prompt, Praise" that has great tips for reading with your child. Happy Reading!

Next week Show and Tell- Letter Oo


Feb 14-Valentine Play by our class-Details to follow!

Show and Tell Letter Nn

Big picture

Measuring our height with mittens.

Measuring with blocks