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February 15, 2019

Our Flight Plan

Welcome to the Maple Dale Elementary Newsletter! We will share important information and highlight the great things our students and teachers are doing at our school. You can expect this in your inbox each week on Friday afternoons.

Attendance Line: (513) 686-1726


February 18: President's Day - NO SCHOOL

February 21: Spring Pictures/Class Photos

February 22: 1st Grade Field Trip - Taft Theater

March 7: Literacy Night 6pm - 8pm

March 11-15: MAP Testing (NOT 2nd Grade)

March 27-28: MAP Testing (ONLY 2nd Grade)

March 27: 4th Grade Field Trip - Music Hall

March 29: Report Cards Go Home

March 29: 3rd Grade Field Trip - UCBA

School Happenings

Hello 4th grade parents,

Congratulations on successfully navigating your child through elementary school. It is hard to believe their graduation is just around the corner! We are in the early stages of planning the 4th grade celebration and there are a few beginning details we would like to share with you.

First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Angelina Marriett, and I am the 4th grade celebration chair. For those of you who don’t know me, my daughter Makaylie is in Mrs. Campbell and Miss. Bates class this year. I am working on this with Rachel Wirth, whose daughter, Lauren, is also in the 4th grade. We are super excited to plan and organize the celebration for our children and yours!!!

A few details to keep in mind:

The date of the 4th grade celebration will be Thursday, May 16, 2019.

It will begin promptly at 6:30pm and last until about 8:30pm.

The celebration will include the 4th grade performance, presentation of gifts, as well as the distribution of student certificates.

We have two orders of business to discuss with you that are time sensitive. Traditionally, the 4th grade class presents the school with a gift, as well as a small token of appreciation for staff. The 4th grade class will also be receiving send-off gifts to recognize their achievements. We would like to invite you to contribute by donating to make this all possible; however participation is optional. If you choose to contribute, a $10 minimum donation per child is recommended. Please give any amount you feel comfortable in giving. Money can be sent through Venmo to Angelina Marriett, through PayPal to rachelrwirth@gmail.com, or cash can be sent in to your child’s teacher. We are asking that all money be sent in by Friday, March 1st. This early turn-in date will allow us to plan and budget appropriately.

The second request we have of parents is to share some photos of your children for the celebration that evening. We will create and share a slideshow that night that will introduce all of the 4th grade graduates. It is our goal to present a slideshow with two pictures of each child; ideally, the slideshow will have a birth photo (or early-life photo of your child) along with their 4th grade photo (or a current photo). Please have both digital photos sent to my email by March 1st.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above details, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Rachel via email or by phone. We can’t wait to celebrate!!!

Angelina Marriett 513.954.6663


Rachel Wirth 513.235.5854


Spring Picture Order Forms (see below)

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Mrs. Reinke's Wilmington College classmate Dr. Bobby Moore came to Maple Dale to share his book and his wonderful dog Bode! Thank you to Bobby, Bode and Debbie for visiting us! The kids loved your visit, your book, and most especially, Bode!

"Two assemblies, lots of classroom photos, thousands of pets and hugs for Bode, and a million smiles. The visit was priceless! Maple Dale Elementary had as much spirit, an exciting vibe, and as many wonderful (over 600) students I have ever seen in an elementary school anywhere across the country." - Dr. Bobby Moore

MILERS is returning March 6th!

MILERS IS BACK STARTING MARCH 6TH and we need volunteers!

MAPLE DALE MILERS is our walking/running program held Wednesdays at lunch recess. The program is optional and students can choose to walk or not walk each week. Students in Grades 1,2,3&4 enjoy walking supervised laps around the blacktop playground and get a chance to earn foot tokens as they rack up the miles throughout the year. Parent volunteers will oversee and supervise the students as they walk.


Our kickoff will be Wednesday March 6th

(wear your sneakers/ tennis shoes on Wednesdays)


This program can only exist with adult volunteers! We will need volunteers to help set up, monitor the kids, and complete minimal paperwork to record the miles. It’s a great way to see your child during the school day
CLICK on link if you’d like to volunteer for a day

1st & 2nd grades 11:30am-12:50pm
3rd & 4th grades 12:35am-1:35pm

**If you DO NOT WANT YOUR CHILD TO PARTICIPATE in the program at ANY time this year, please email Jessica Allison at jessie0603@yahoo.com by February 25th.

Foundations of PBIS

The foundations of PBIS includes:

1. Identifying and teaching expected behaviors

2. Reinforcing and rewarding expected behaviors

3. Enforcing consistent meaningful consequences when violations of

the expected behaviors occur

1. Identifying and Teaching Expected Behavior

In a school-wide system of behavioral support, we identified a

minimum of three to five expectations across the school environment. Part of teaching the expectations involves posting the expectations throughout the building including, hallways, classrooms, cafeteria, the main office, gyms, auditoriums, and media rooms. Basically everywhere students go, expectations are posted. Teaching the expectations involves identifying what the expectations look like in various locations and situations across the school day.

To do this, the school PBIS team developed a teaching matrix, which includes the

expectations and what it looks like to follow those expectations across the day.

The teaching matrix includes details on what respect looks like in the hall, classroom, bus, cafeteria, etc. For example, for cafeteria expectations, the entire staff including the lunchroom and recess staff would teach the students these expectations through lessons, role-playing, and practice. Rather than punishing students for not following the expectations, staff would acknowledge expected behaviors through a positive reinforcement system.

2. Positively Reinforcing and Rewarding Expected Behaviors

When students engage in the school-wide expectations, they are praised and can even receive a praise note! Many classrooms have their own system of rewards including Dojo points, working to earn a classroom reward, etc.

3. Enforcing Consequences for Violations

In addition, Maple Dale engages in ongoing work to identify consistent meaningful ways to

respond to problem behavior when it occurs. Procedures for responding to

challenging behavior are and will be designed to communicate to and teach students,

staff, and parents what specific behaviors violate the school-wide expectations.

Typically these violations fall under minor or major problems. To develop these

procedures, the PBIS team worked with the administration and staff to

develop clear distinctions between behaviors that fall under each category. One

of the main distinctions between these types of behaviors is that minor behaviors

are dealt with by building staff or the classroom teacher and major violations are

managed by administrative staff.

PBIS is about making positive changes to the culture of a school and requires commitment and involvement from staff, administration, students, and parents!

Green Team Tip of the Week

The district wide textile recycling contest is back! Gather up all of your unwanted textiles and start dropping them off in the Simple Recycling bin located in the Maple Dale parking lot starting on February 1. Last year Maple Dale came in a close second, just behind Blue Ash Elementary. Let's clean out those closets and see if we can come out on top this year! For more detail as to what can be placed in the bin, please see » Supplies & FAQ’s

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Don't Miss Out - Order Your Yearbook Today!

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Lego League update

Four FIRST LEGO League Jr. teams attended the iSpace FLL Jr. expo on Feb. 9. Two of the teams comprised students from Maple Dale Elementary. They were celebrated for their research and model about the potential to live on the moon.

· Brick Builders, a team of 2nd graders, received the Spirit award.

· Lunar Leaders, a team of 3rd graders, received the Shining Stars award.

Congratulations to the teams!

photo links to each team:

- Brick Builders - https://www.dropbox.com/s/wg9dh43ypl9cy6k/Brick%20Builders%20with%20poster%20at%20iSpace%20expo.jpeg?dl=0

Lunar Leaders - https://www.dropbox.com/s/xex7sagetvgib96/Lunar%20Leaders%20with%20poster%20at%20iSpace%20expo.jpg?dl=0

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Help Us Guide our Schools Towards the Future!

Families and community members are welcome to attend any one of the Concept Testing sessions. (Click the link below to find out more information.) Each session typically lasts 1.5 hours. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in a brief survey with a smartphone or wifi device. Sessions held at our schools will include an optional tour of the facility following the survey.
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Please use this link to buy your tickets to the SAB Winter Social:


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