Peter the Great of Russia

Yena Reyes

How was he able to

Pacify and Subjugate the nobles

  • Decree of Western Dress
  • Forced all nobles to join the military or civil service
  • Table of Ranks

Centralize authority around themselves

  • Made all decisions pass by him first-he was an absolutist

Make more money

  • Raised taxes, lowered wages
  • Gave Russia access to trade ports

To make more war

  • Great Northern War-took control of the Baltic Sea
  • All nobles had to serve in the army

Dominate the cultural scene

  • Modernized Russia
  • Set up and established many schools
  • Ordered a printing press in order to print books

Make religion work for them

  • Church became part of the government
    -because he had to be the sole leader, he forced the church to combine into the government

Build something worthy of their glory

  • Built schools, established St. Petersburg, and had many statues erected in honor of him