Human Trafficking Around The World

By Tim and Dj

Human Trafficking

This illegal movement of people typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation.

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South Korea

In 2010, the government of South Korea spent approximately $16.8 million to protect sex-trafficking.

The Dakotas

South and North Dakota were ranked last for taking small steps to in force the laws against human trafficking. Although it was a improvement for South Dakota because they made no efforts in 2013.


UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) offers partial help to state, Not only helping to draft laws and create comprehensive national anti-trafficking strategies but also assisting with resources to implements them.


A man accused of masterminding a human trafficking ring pleaded guilty Friday to the U.S now he's in jail were he needs to be.

The States

The United States have boosted the anti-human trafficking laws to stop the un-humanly ways of some people around the states and around the world. 39, of the 50 states scored well in 2014 non-government organization to help stop labor and sex trafficking across the United States.