Baby Face Nelson

"Baby Face" Nelson

Lester Gillis was born in Chicago, Illinois on December 6, 1908. He began his life of crime at the age of 13. He looked young for his age so other street thugs nicknamed him "Baby Face."
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He joined John Dillinger in 1934. He shot and killed an FBI agent while trying to escape being caught in northern Wisconsin with Dillinger's gang.


There was a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of Baby Face Nelson and a $5,000 reward for his capture.

On July 23, 1934, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover announced that Nelson was the new "Public Enemy No. 1."

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He was driving a stolen car on November 27, 1934 when some FBI agents found him. He was shot 17 times but still managed to escape. He died the next day because of his injuries. His body was left near the St. Peter Catholic Cemetery in Skokie, Illinois.