Practicing Good Netiquette

Staying safe online and ending cyberbullying starts with YOU

What is "Netiquette"?

Netiquette is short for "Internet Etiquette." Netiquette is the socially accepted conduct in an online situation. For example, when chatting with friends online, good netiquette involves being respectful, polite, and using appropriate language.

Why should I care?

The internet is a hotbed for communication between people. LOTS of information can be conveyed very fast, and technology can allow people on oppsite ends of the world to communicate with each other. This contact and comunication does not come without problems, though. People often will say things over the internet that they would not say in person. The anonymity that comes with communication online is often abused in this way. We've all been the victim of this at some point or another; whether it be a rude text or an inappropriate e-mail, poor netiquette is everywhere. We are on a mission to fix this problem!



Some examples of POOR Netiquette:


What cyberbullying feels like:


examples of good netiquette:

Online Chat Conversation...

gr8student1: Hey cyberfriend! How's life?

cyb3rfr13nd: It's going great! How about you?

gr8student1: Fantastic! Thanks for asking. How was your test yesterday?

cyb3rfr13nd: I think it went pretty well, although some questions were tough. I think I should have studied a bit more.

gr8student1: Well I'm glad that it still went well! Hopefully you'll take this lesson and apply it in the future and study better.

cyb3rfr13nd: Thanks! I'll definitely do that. I appreciate you being positive and supportive!

gr8student1: No problem, friend! It's much better to be positive than to be negative to other people, especially when talking online.

cyb3rfr13nd: You got that right! It's also important to remember good grammar and word usage when writing formal communication online. Kind of like how we are writing right now!

gr8student1: Exactly! I love having great Netiquette!!!


Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2013
Subject: Missing Class

Dear Mr. Teacher:

I am writing this e-mail to inform you that I will unfortunately be missing class tomorrow. I have been feeling sick lately, and the Doctor told me today that I have strep throat. He wrote me a note to take to you as soon as I can return to school. When I return, I'll meet with you to find out which assignments I missed. In the meantime, I will continue reading our book for class.

I hope all is well!


U. R. Student

And much much more!!! (hopefully in your everyday life!)