Study of Water: portablescience

By: Giannella, Brianna, Jackie, and Brandon

PortableScience: Introduction

Water is slowly growing scarce in this world, and water conservation is a higher priority each day water gets used up. Looking at graphs and charts (on Brandon's collage), it is clear that taking showers involve the most water usage. Although we are in dire need of water each day and sometimes waste it absentmindedly, we can reduce the amount we use. On Jackie's collage, she explains multiple ways to help conserve water, like turning off the sink while brushing your teeth. Lastly, Brianna's collage features the process of water distribution, and depicts the little 2.5% of the earth's water that is freshwater. This emphasizes that there is little fresh water, and therefore, we should try very hard to help conserve the water on this planet.

How to conserve water

Dividing Water: Supplementing Water Amongst People

Water distribution is a process that involves water being delivered to houses, industries, or any other places in need of water from a basin or water source. But a rising problem is that the Earth is running out of freshwater to distribute to people. As shown in the graph in my Pic Collage, 96.5% of the global water are oceans, whereas a meager 2.5% is freshwater. My visual also shows the process of the water being distributed to houses that need it.

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Conserving the Quantity of Water we Use

Conserving water is simple, and can help our environment in many ways. For example, we can all conserve water by turning off the tap while we brush our teeth. By doing so, we can save up to 8 gallons of water. To continue, check your faucets and pipes for leaks. As a result we can conserve 20 gallons of water per day! Moreover, we can also take shorter showers, and save approximately 20-40 gallons. In addition, know to only water your lawn when it needs to be watered. Many people constantly water their lawns without considering that they might be over watering them, and they also squander the water. Finally, when using the dishwasher, only wash the dishes on a full load. This can decrease the amount of water we use by 5-10 gallons. To conclude, conserving water is simple, and can help our environment in many ways.

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Hydraulic Science: Water Usage

The most water used by Americans each day is showers, at 25%. The second greatest use of water is 22% to use the bathroom. This shows that America may use most of the water from its population. Therefore, people need to take showers and use restrooms to live. Another 22% is water drinking and mixtures for food like cooking and water drinking. There is one possible way of lowering it by not spilling out water and drinking it. The last most affected is washing machine and it uses 9% in America this shows that not many people use the machine every day.

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