What's New in Reeves' Roost?


News for the Week

Spring Pictures will be this Thursday. We do have PE that day, as well, so please have tennis shoes and bring a change of clothes if needed. :)

HAT DAY for $1.00 is this WEDNESDAY. We are helping TRHS raise money for the Mental Health Alliance.

Also, Wednesday is Miss Caroline's last day. She has been visiting us from Furman twice a week to volunteer, and we are grateful for all she has done! You are welcome to send a little thank-you gift if you like, such as a pack of sticky notes or a nice pen. I'd like to gather up a little gift basket as a send-off for her. :)

Please go ahead and send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for your child's report card in the last 9 weeks. That time can slip up on us, and I'd like to go ahead and have them on hand. :)

EQs for the Week


How can I use my understanding of multiplication to multiply fraction by a whole number?

How can you record tenths as fractions and decimals?

How can you record hundredths as fractions and decimals?

How can you find equivalent fractions in tenths and hundredths place values?


What do we want to learn about weather?

What is the water cycle?

Social Studies

How was the issue of slavery dealt with during Westward expansion?

How did the North and South differ?

Why were leaders important to the success of the abolitionist movement?


How do you compare and contrast non-fiction texts?

How do you compare and contrast non-fiction and literary texts?

What are primary and secondary sources?

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