Pacific Coast First Nation People


Social Organization

Pacific coast first nations people had a well-defined aristocratic class that was regarded as superior by birth.The basic social unit for all first nations in this part of the country was the extended family lineage whose members claimed descent from a common ancestor.Most lineage had their own crests ,featuring representation of animal of supernatural being that were believed to be their founders.The most famous method of crest display was the totem pole consisting of all the ancestral symbols that belonged to a lineage .In addition to these three orders
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Food Resources

The pacific coast first nations usually eat sea food.They eat food like salmon.shellfish.octopus,herring,crabs,whales and seaweed too.Pacific coast first nation mostly dried their salmon in smokehouse so it could be stored then eaten later.Fish oil also played an important part in peoples diet serving as a condiment with dried fish during the winter.A highly valued source of all was eulachon ,a type of smelt.


The pacific coast allowed the first nations who lived in this part of the country to build huge homes. Excellent carpenters, these first nations used chisels made of stone or shell and stone hammers to split the soft.straight-grained ceder into wide planks.One of the largest traditional homes over recorded from the pre-contact era was in a cost Salish village .It was 170 meters long and 20 meters long and wide.pacific coast houses were so large, they could put many family's to live in one.Each with its own separate living area and hearth.
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Modes Of Transportation

Pacific coast first nations traveled almost everywhere by water.They use dugout canoes made of red cedar.A small hunting canoe for one or two men would be about 5 meters long.But the haida built very large canoes.Sometimes the hadia canoes were more than 16 meters long.The 16 meter canoes could carry about 40 men and two metric tons of cargo.
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The pacific coast first nations made their clothing usually were tunics ,leggings,and moccasins of tanned animal skins.They also used moose or caribou skin too.Also men from the pacific coast first nations went unclothed. The pacific coast first nation women wore skirts made of buck skin ,but elsewhere on the pacific coast the women skirts were woven of cedar bark that had been shredded to produce a soft fiber. Also neither men or women of the pacific coast first nations had footwear of any kind too.

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Spiritual Beliefs

All first nations believed in the same traditions.They believed that their values and traditions were gifts from the creator.One of the most important and most common teachings was people should live in harmony.also if a hunter kills a bear to survive , the hunter would talk or sing to the bear before it dies for givings its life.Also the pacific coast people had may rituals to give thanks and celebrate the annual salmon run.
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