Desert Festival is Almost Here!

Spend a day eating sugary delights

Coming soon...

Come over and taste test all our business sponsor's delicious treats. Have a bite of Granny's best chocolate cake. Devour yourself in platters and platters of savoring chocolate chip cookies. Enjoy a nice heaping of chocolate fudge or vanilla cupcakes. All of these opportunities available to you with the cost of only a $5.00 entry fee.


Friday, Feb. 22nd 2013 at 12-5pm

Warren Central High School, Morgantown Road, Bowling Green, KY

This contest is not just for professionals, we welcome all families! If you'd like to reserve a booth for your own homemade deserts. Please call 555-312-6785 or email us at Overall Most Delicious will win a check of a $500. Other prizes will include more checks and kitchen supplies ranging from $100 to $500. Fee for entering in the competition is $50. We hope you bring your greatest works!


What better way to give back to the community than to be helping people by eating chocolates and sugars?

The Schedule of the Day

12:00 pm

Light appetizers and refreshments. Mingle around and meet the bakers.

1:00 pm

Introduction to Desert Festival. Learn rules of the contest and see the bakers that will be cooking for us.

2:00 pm

Time to release the taste-testers! Baked goods will be placed into categories around the room. There will be signs placed with numbers in which you can vote for. None of the people or businesses will be shown.

5:00 pm

Vote for your favorites.

6:00 pm

Announcement of our winners! Your favorite bakers will be revealed and rewarded for their works.

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