Stock Market at Saks

September 15, 2017

Creating your own portfolio

1) At least one member of the team needs to create a Yahoo account.

2) Log in to this account and click on Yahoo Finance.

3) Click on My Portfolio.

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4) Click Create New.

5) Give your portfolio a title. You can use a team name if you wish.

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6) Add the number of shares and the ticker symbol of each stock you want to "buy".

7) You can research stocks all over the web, but one quick place to find the ticker symbols and more information is under Market Data in Yahoo Finance. Even team members who did not create a personal Yahoo account can use this feature.

8) Look at charts and graphs. Is the stock you are interested in on its way up, or is it headed downward? Is it near its 52-week-high? It may not have any room to grow.

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Things to Consider