Southwest Early Childhood Center

2015 National School of Character

Southwest Early Childhood Center

Mission: "With character and knowledge every child will have the tools to be successful."

We have so much to be proud of...

Nuts and Bolts

  • Title I Substitutes MUST stay until 3:40 even if all student's have gone.
  • Sarah, Lisa, and I will be gone on Thursday and Friday. Jennifer Penserum will be the principal while we are gone. Beth will help out if someone needs to be restrained...hopefully that won't happen but if it does we will ask for her help too!
  • Please make sure you have been trained on how to use the laminator before using! We appreciate your help with making sure our laminator stays in good condition!
  • Icee Pops will be for sale in the gym and upstairs in EER wing for ECSE for .50 cents each. We will create some stickers in the office that will go home on students reminding them of conferences and the pops for sale on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Conference hours for Title I 3:45-7:45 and ECSE 4:15-8:15 for Thursday. Tuesday title is 3:45-7:30 and ECSE is 4:15-8.
  • LIBRARY READERS COME EVERY WEDNESDAY. Please keep your original time even though that is not reflected on the school calendar. If you were not assigned a time just join a group sometime between 9:30-10:45! I am still working on securing some afternoon readers!
  • PLEASE TURN IN YOUR COMPLETE conference signature sheets (parents sign after conferencing with you) at least one week after conferences have been completed. We will let you know in the next newsletter how to proceed with families that don't show up. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK!

Shout Outs:

  • Sasha-for burning all title students a school cd to be handed out at conferences.
  • Shelley- for warning me about pinoak mites. ~Ann
  • Sasha-keeping us know when and what it was!!!!
  • Shelley-for taking such good care of our parents and kids! ~ Wieberg
  • Sasha-Thank you for helping us enter the Limeade codes last Friday! Paula and Sondra
  • Shelley-For double checking my time sheet...she caught my oversight of forgetting to put in my sick day and for always being so positive!~Valerie
  • Sasha- for remembering to dial 9911!~Ann
  • Shout out to the 5 secretaries on PD Day!!! Paula Hotz, Blair, Dede Eggen, Tracey Bechtel, Suzy Wilde. They did an awesome job documenting the ideas from their groups.
  • Shout out to Brenda Proebsting for being Switzerland!
  • Dierking for getting the stations all set up and purchasing the materials and for the pick me up from McCalisters!