Periodic Table Element Project

The inner transition metal family by: Sebastian Crlin

Promethium: Pm

Atomic number: 61

Atomic mass: 145.0

Valence electrons: 2

Grump number: 7

Basic information about promethium

Melting point: 1,160.0

Boiling point: unknown

Freezing point: 38.8

Uses: it is used in batteries

Discovered by: J.A. Marinsky

Discovery date: 1945

Promethium is named after the Greek God Prometheus. People get promethium from fission products of uranium and plutonium. It is radioactive and it has a metallic look. Promethium is also a lanthanide.

Uses of promethium

It is used as a heat source to possibly power a satellite.

It is also used to convert light into electrical currents.

Promethium can also be used in batteries.


Thulium: Tm

Atomic number: 69

Atomic mass: 168.9342

Valence electrons: 2

Group number: 15

Basic information about Thulium

Melting point: 1,545

Boiling point: 1,727

Discovered by: Theodore Cleve

Discovery date: 1879

Thulium is a rare earth metal that is a lanthanide. It's name is from Thule and it can be found in gadolinite, euxenite, and xenotime.

Uses of Thulium

Used in portable x-ray units

It is also used in things such as microwaves