Currie Middle School

6th Grade Core

Our City

Currie Middle School is located in the city of Tustin, California, located just fifteen minutes south of Disneyland. Tustin itself is an extremely old city dating back to the early explorers 1776 years ago, but became an incorporated city in 1927. Tustin was once a major agricultural center but does not have any major industry but rather largest company that employs the majority of the people in Tustin is actually the school district.

~Fun facts about Tustin
~We have one of the first high schools that was established in Southern California, Tustin High School. Established in 1921.
~Was once a major agricultural center for the state, consisting of orange groves
~ Average temperature 75 degrees

Currie Middle School

Currie Middle School, home of the Cougars. It has been my pleasure to be a teacher here for the last ten years. We are a school that teaches grades sixth through eighth, but we share our site with an elementary school and recently became a K-8 grade school. On the middle school campus we have 750 students in 6-8 grades. My favorite part of being a Currie Cougar is watching the students grow into teenagers and leave me to attend high school.

Mrs. Dibley's CORE Classes

What is CORE? At our school in the language arts and social studies departments the students are lucky to have the same teacher for both of these subjects. For the sixth graders they have three periods with me each day. We are currently learning about Ancient Sumer in history. Within reading and language arts we are continuing our studies that center around the topic of Stereotyping. The story we are currently reading is called Gold Cadillac, as the plot unfolds students will identify how stereotyping affects the family. They will continue to evaluate the different characters and discuss how the story's point of view affects the plot.