Digital Dossier

My life line of having a digital dossier

It all began in 10/09/2003

I got an ultra sound before I was born and my parents sent that picture to my relatives who me and they probably sent the picture and shared the news to more people about me


I'm born. I get my name put into a system of canadian that records your birth and death day. Your weight and height also is inputed. There were pictures of me tooken and sent to all my relatives. That canadian system puts it in digitally so they can keep you in the system forever.


I only had pictures and videos of me. But since I got needles and other stuff this was all recorded digitaly in my folder and stays with me forever.


I create a gmail account and talk to friends. I create a prezi account and use it for many projects which are still on the internet. I make a club penguin account and play a lot of games with my first name whitch people can still see.

Other stuff used in 2012 to 2014

2015 to beginning of 2016

Smore was used in a single media literacy class.

Possible future

Facebook could be used for social media. Twitter for texting and a steam account for gaming.