6th Grade At Home Learning

Week of March 23rd

Weekly Welcome Message

Let's begin by saying how much we miss all of our students and families! When we left for Spring Break, we did not expect to be away from you all for this long. On very short notice, our administrators and teachers jumped into action to make a workable plan and a pathway for our students to continue learning. Parents & guardians, we look to you now to commit yourselves to help prepare your child for success.
6th Grade Welcome Video Week of March 23rd
6th Grade Welcome Video (Spanish) Week of March 23rd
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Assignments: Week of March 23-29

All assignments this week are concepts previously taught, and should be a review for your student.

6th Grade Math Assignments

Students will be reviewing finding the mean, median, mode, and range of a set of data via mobymax.com. Each student should know their login as it is the same for AR reading tests and STAR Renaissance Tests.

6th Grade Science Assignments

Students will be reviewing Celestial Objects (Solar System). There is an informational reading assignment (Stemscopedia) and Venn diagram to fill in and also a reading passage (Reading Science) with questions to complete this week. Log into Google Classroom for your assignments.

6th Grade Social Studies Assignments

Students will be learning about Russia through the use of a powerpoint presentation and questions. Log into Google Classroom for your assignments.

6th Grade ELAR Assignments

Students will work on reading comprehension. We will focus on context clues, finding the topic, main idea, finding the summary of a text, and using the reading strategies we have practiced throughout the year. Students will also be expected to write a short answer response to questions while referring back to the text to explain their responses. Log into MobyMax for your assignments.

Mrs. Goodwin's GT Assignment-FOR GT STUDENTS ONLY!

It is your job to construct a Rube Goldberg machine and take a video of the machine runs. You must have 10 or more different actions in your machine. Video yourself explaining how you built the machine, your first test run, you discussing changes you made, and then the final run that is successful. You will use found objects around your house including toys, trash or other items.

Click this link for more info: https://tinyurl.com/t9al3vn

Accelerated Reader (AR)

You can now access AR from home! This is an OPTIONAL resource that you can use. https://global-zone50.renaissance-go.com/welcomeportal/224643

Office Hours for Teachers

Click below for a schedule of when teachers are available for office hours. During office hours, teachers can tutor students, read assignments aloud, provide clarification of assignments, or just check in with students. This can be done using Google Voice numbers, as well as video chats via Google Hangouts Meet. Codes for Google Hangouts Meet are below in the link as well.

Follow the instructions below to use Google Hangouts Meet

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BISD Lunch Pickup Locations!

All BISD students are encouraged to pick up a free lunch and breakfast during At Home Learning.
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